The creation of fine furniture starts with nature and ends with you.

What gets you from A to B is Philbe Design, specialists in producing high quality, customised sustainable wooden furniture that stands the test of time.

Using the very best of nature’s sustainable materials, we expertly take your ideas from paper to the plane to craft your custom made furniture masterpiece. We can customise to suit any space and situation with tailored timber furniture that fits like a glove, whether it be a dining table, chair or an electronically concealed television.

How does the custom-made timber furniture process work?

First, we find out what you see, what you want and what you need. During the design process, we won’t stop until your vision is complete.

The evolution of your custom made furniture piece moves on to production as we fashion your furniture design from premium materials, whatever your preference may be.

While styles and our way of life are continuously changing, we remain dedicated to timeless furniture making techniques. The result is spectacular and will last for generations.

If you’re looking for a traditional craftsman to produce your next piece of furniture, contact Philbe Design to get your dream off the ground.