From classical guitars and concert hall pipe organs to superyacht cabinetry and one-off timber furniture – Phil Horner’s path to making beautiful and individual furniture masterpieces is one less-travelled.

As soon as he could read and write, Phil discovered an affinity for creative woodwork, which would soon become his passion and his calling.

Phil was schooled in woodcraft through the rigorous, time-honoured furniture maker’s apprenticeship in his hometown of Greystones, Co. Wicklow. Five years of traditional Irish tutelage later and Phil was equipped with the built-to-last techniques and methodologies of the furniture craftsman.

While excellence is never outdated, he’s kept pace with the ever-changing world of design, combining innovation with the foundations of his learnings and an unwavering commitment to producing sustainable timber furniture.

Phil knows that durable, high quality sustainable timber is only part of the recipe for your timber furniture masterpiece.

In collaboration with his clients, translating their wishes and desires into a touchable statement of class, functionality and individuality is his foremost ambition.

If you long for sustainable, custom designed timber furniture that is ‘only yours’ in its entirety, please contact  Philbe Design.