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Phil Horner

From classical guitars and concert hall pipe organs to super yacht cabinetry and one off timber furniture - Phil Horner’s path to making beautiful and individual furniture is one less travelled.

Phil was schooled in woodcraft through a rigorous furniture maker’s apprenticeship in his hometown of Greystones, Co. Wicklow. Five years of traditional Irish tutelage later and Phil was equipped with the built-to-last techniques of a master furniture craftsman. Keeping up with the fast paced world of modern design, Phil combines his classical foundation with an innovative and creative approach - not to mention his unwavering commitment to producing sustainable timber furniture.

Although all his pieces are durable, sustainable and undeniably beautiful, Phil’s true specialty is working collaboratively with all his clients. He translates each individual’s requirements and style into unique pieces of functional furniture perfectly suited to his client’s wishes. After listening carefully, Phil designs each piece to be informed by the client’s needs and style, the space it will live in and Phil’s own aesthetic.

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Matt Fuscic

With over a decade of experience in the field, Matt is an expert carpenter who brings his dedication to quality craftsmanship to the Philbe Design team every day. His workplace roles have ranged from creating super yacht cabinetry to managing high end, bespoke kitchen and bathroom fit-outs - there’s little he hasn’t mastered. Since completing his National Apprenticeship as a Joinery Craftsperson in 2007 and part of his National Certificate in Carpentry later, he has now combined the information he learnt with years of practical application to become the accomplished craftsperson he is today.

Matt’s quiet confidence and technical expertise means that he turns each and every design into a flawless finished product. The architectural idiom, ‘God is in the detail’ is embodied in Matt, as he shows a perfectionism towards his work that results in pieces of furniture that are truly consummate. 

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Guillaume Angibert

Guillaume forms the vital French contingent of Philbe Design. With an unusual pathway to carpentry, Guillaume originally studied Event Management, gaining a Masters degree and working successfully in London for five years. However, unsatisfied, he decided to take the plunge and pursue his true passion. In his hometown in Cholet, France, he finished a traditional woodworking course and soon put his new capabilities to use by working in a range of high end furniture companies, giving him the meticulous and thorough professional skills necessary to be such an important part of the Philbe Design team.

Ever an adventurer, Guillaume moved to New Zealand. Only a couple of weeks after landing in Aotearoa, he met Phil and it quickly became apparent that he would be a fantastic new addition to the company. Bringing with him a true sense of aesthetic style, Guillaume has an eye for design as well as a constant drive to improve his craft.

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Dieter Ingles

Although young, Dieter is already a master of his craft. A qualified Marine Cabinet Maker, he began his apprenticeship immediately after graduating from college and now has many years of experience in the field. His passion for woodworking runs in his blood as he comes from a strong family line of craftsmen: Dieter follows his grandfather, father and brother into the business. This proud tradition has produced an emphatic advocate for classic design and quality building techniques. 

Dieter is a world traveller, having spent most of his time in Europe on one of the largest private motor yachts in the world. This experience of truly luxurious, high end cabinetry influenced his own drive to produce beautifully designed pieces, made of the finest natural materials - luckily, he’s found a true partner in these goals with Philbe Design.